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Customer Testimonials

Here are some of the opinions our customers have about us.

  • 2015
  • Monday 21 August
    Gary N. - (Medicus Global Customer) - Texas
    I am constantly traveling, and while I was on a business trip to Phoenix, I realized that I did not have my allergy medicine while I was on the plane. I was in town for a major presentation to a new client. When I landed I called Medicus Global and after explaining my situation, I was talking to a physician who sent my allergy prescription to a pharmacy close to my hotel. I was able to pick up my script before I checked in and it was I like I never forgot my allergy medicine. Thank you Medicus Global, I was able to present without red eyes or a runny nose and hit a home run. I can’t believe how painless the process was to get my allergy medicine.
  • Thursday 02 August
    Ashley M. - (Medicus Global Customer) - New York
    My son gets ear infections frequently, he had a high fever on the weekend and his Doctors’ office was closed. I used Medicus Global via phone and internet and they called back within 10 minutes and I had a prescription in my hands with in 45 minutes. Excellent service, the nurse and doctor were very thorough!! So happy to have this service, especially with my son getting sick often.
  • Monday 17 September
    Jesus C - (Medicus Global Customer) - Florida
    I currently live in Florida with my parents and family. My parents are from another country and currently can't get Insurance. There only option is to go to the ER and pay lots of mony. After we discovered Medicus Global we realized that most of the time this service can help my Parents out. They use it all the time when they get sick and have saved tons of money and time. I’m so glad I was referred to Medicus Global. The staff and doctors are so professional and polite and the service is so easy to use.
  • Thursday 30 September
    Shay R - (Medicus Global Customer) - Florida
    I have been a member of Medicus Global for 4 months now and actually don’t know what I would have done without it. My son is 1 year old and we traveled on a family vacation to Tybee Island GA. This is a small island and no way to see a doctor without driving 45 min. My son was on breathing treatment and we forgot this at the house in Florida. As a new mom I panicked. I didn’t know what to do as my son is only one. I remembered I had this service and so I gave it a try. All I have to say is WOW!!! I never even left the island as surprisingly there was a small pharmacy and my prescription was called in immediately. The nurse even called me back the next day to check on my son. Thank you Medicus Global and I would recommend this to anyone.
  • September 2015
    Rachel Z - (Medicus Global Customer) - Florida
    I’m a single mom who works two jobs and sometimes taking my son to the doctor means no money. With Medicus Global I have found that more times than not I can use the 24/7 service and get my son healthy faster. And most important I stay at work. The staff is friendly and comforting every time I call.
  • October 2015
    Richard M. - (Medicus Global Customer) - Florida
    I am a truck driver who purchased the service with Medicus Global because it just made since. I spend most of my weeks on the road so if I get sick Its hard to locate an urgent care or ER. With Medicus Global I can pull off to a truck stop and use my phone. I actually owe my life to Medicus Global as I was experiencing chest pains as I was driving through Montgomery Alabama last month. I didn’t know what to do and without Medicus Global I would have kept driving. I spoke to the doctor within minutes and he instructed me to take two aspirin and call 911. He stayed on the phone with me until help arrived. I was having a heart attack. With out this service I don’t know where I would be. Thank You
  • November 2015
    Epifanio C - (Medicus Global Customer) - Florida
    Medicus Global has been great for me. I am in college and currently don’t have Health Insurance. With Mom not here it’s nice to know a doctor is a phone call away. I use this a lot as sometimes I just don’t know what to do.
  • July 2015
    Angelia - (Medicus Global Customer) - Florida
    I was out of town on vacation and needed to see a doctor. Medicus was amazing on how quick the response time was. I called and spoke with a nurse and within 5 minutes a physician called me back and was able to take care of me by telephone. She called in a prescription to a very small pharmacy on the island we were on and they filled the prescription at an extreme discount without me having to use my insurance. Medicus provided a service and kept me from having to go to the emergency room.
  • November 2015
    Samuel R - (Medicus Global Customer) - Florida
    Being in the US Military and raising a family makes it tough to see a doctor at time. My wife and kids are at home a lot alone and know they have access to a doctor for anything they need 24/7 is peace of mind. Every time we have used the service it has been quick and easy and very professional. Thank you Medicus